xQuartet is a sextet of improvisers specializing in the audio-visual transformation of space. Performances vary, each catering to the uniqueness of the situation and venue; previous pieces have included live mark-making taken as an evolving cumulative graphic score, and performance with custom-designed video synthesis software projecting live abstract geometry over the performance space. In each case, the improvisers draw on any aspect of the space and performance to inform the direction they steer their playing in, resulting in an audio-visual feedback loop that can at times make the experience seem self-steering.


Sewing Machine Factory, Nov 2 2018


xQuartet - this planet’s very peaceful. over and out. (2016)



xQuartet is (usually) Jake Kazakoff, Doug Parth, Steven Boehm, and Tomas Andel. xQuartet has also been Trina Bloemen, Simone Kousol-Graham, Ethan Bokma, and Roseanna Joy Nay.